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Media Places 2012

The Peter Wallenberg Foundation and the Universities of Umeå, Lund and Stanford have the honour to welcome a select number of guests to a symposium entitled "Media Places: Infrastructure | Space | Media" in Umeå, Sweden, December 5-7, 2012. This symposium is one in a series of three. The other two will be held in Helsinki, Finland, 2013 and in Lund, Sweden, 2014, addressing the themes of digital media and learning, and culture and brain.

The Umeå symposium in 2012 brings together some of the very best researchers and practitioners at the intersection of media, place and technology, as well as in the digital humanities. An array of world-class work will be presented, discussed and enacted in a carefully curated event located in a range of media places available at Umeå University including the new Umeå Arts Campus.

The symposium will be organized around two main questions:

  1. How is knowledge production shaped by infrastructure (and notions of infrastructure) and vice versa?
  2. How does digital materiality change notions of space and architectural theory, as well as built space itself?

The organizers wish all of our guests a very warm welcome. We believe these will be three fascinating days and that this symposium will be a unique experience. Please note that this symposium is open for invited guests only.

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Distinguished Commentator:
David Theo Goldberg
University of California Humanities Research Institute

Andreas Ekström

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Emma Ewadotter
Assistant Conference Coordinator
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Patrik Svensson
Conference Chair
Craig Heller
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Sven Strömqvist
Conference Co-Chair
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Keynote Speakers
Johanna Drucker University of California, Los Angeles Details
Katherine Hayles Duke University Details
Sheila Kennedy MIT School of Architecture Details
Sylvia Lavin University of California, Los Angeles Details
Timothy Lenoir Duke University Details
Tara McPherson University of Southern California Details
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Fred Turner Stanford University Details
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